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Oct 30, 2013 11:00pm PDT
deliberations. >> i think max was a very quiet, and took the jury's verdict in a very dignified manner. it's obviously for a 19-year- old to hear the words guilty for an incredibly serious offense, and i think he's well aware of the consequences of that. >> wade is set to be sentenced in december. he was tried as an adult, and his lawyer says wade could face up to life in prison, but he hopes the judge will take into account that the crimes happened when wade was just 17. after today's verdict, the mother of a girl wade was accused of trying to shoot at gave a statement. she said in part, wish he put all that effort he put into the crimes into something more positive, end quote. >>> search teams discovered a body this afternoon that is believed to be that of a missing gold miner from san jose. the body was located about 1500 feet from where the man's camper was found down a steep hill outside nevada city. it appears he either fell, or died of natural charges. the 56-year-old had a gold mining claim in the area, but never returned from his trip last weekend. the owner of a mining supply
Oct 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
attempted murder trial in marin county. this was fieri as he was leaving court in the trial of max wade. wade is accused of two counts of attempted murder as well as orchestrating an elaborate theft of fieri's yellow lamborgini. that car is valued at $200,000. wade stole it to impress a girl but she declined his advances. >> i got a chance to own one that will probably be the only one. we'll move past it. we'll stick with american made. >> reporter: fieri testified he did not give wade permission to take his car. the case wept to the jury late this afternoon. and at we've posted more video of fieri speaking outside of court today. you will find it under our top story tab. >>> wall street started the weak flat. apple was one of the companies report lower quarterly earnings. the cupertino company was down 30%. the company said it sold more of the new iphones but the average price was down lowering its profit margin. apple stock fell $6 in afterhour trading to $523 a share. >>> syrian hackers say they compromised facebook and twitter accounts linked to president obama. instead lin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2